Step into the spotlight as the exclusive Lunch Sponsor at the CIO Initiative Summit, where you’ll connect with an elite audience of IT executives. This prime sponsorship opportunity positions your brand at the center of the day’s activities, offering unparalleled exposure during a key networking moment.

Sponsorship Benefits Include:

  • Premium Exposure: Feature your brand on dedicated signage at the lunch event, ensuring prominent visibility to all summit participants.
  • Digital Presence: Your company’s details will be showcased on the Summit’s Conference App and the official Agenda, facilitating direct connections with attendees and enhancing your market presence.
  • Enhanced Announcements: Enjoy the spotlight with special mentions across our LinkedIn page and website, highlighting your crucial support for the summit and broadening your reach within the cybersecurity and IT communities.
  • Lasting Connections: Extend your influence beyond the event with your company information included in the post-conference materials distributed to all attendees, maintaining engagement with your brand.

Additional Sponsorship Perks:

  • Exclusive Conference Access: Receive a complimentary full conference pass for one representative from your company, providing access to all summit sessions, networking opportunities, and the exclusive Thursday evening dinner event.
  • Hotel Booking Advantage: While responsibility for hotel accommodations and travel lies with the sponsor, a special conference discount code for the Laura Hotel will be provided, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable summit experience.

Sponsorship Date and Time: Thursday, November 7th, 2024, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. As the Lunch Sponsor, you’ll play a pivotal role in refueling the summit’s attendees with both gourmet cuisine and opportunities for meaningful interactions, right at the heart of the day’s agenda.

Seize the opportunity to highlight your brand’s leadership and commitment to the future of IT and executive leadership through the Lunch Sponsorship at the CIO Initiative Summit. This is your chance to engage directly with top-level executives and make a significant impact.