The CIO Initiative, being part of The Executive Initiative, is designed to foster a community where Chief Information Officers and IT leaders can engage in deep, strategic discussions about the future of technology and leadership within their organizations. It aims to provide a collaborative environment for sharing insights, challenges, and best practices, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of IT governance and driving innovation across industries. This initiative stands as a unique platform for C-level executives to collectively navigate the evolving digital landscape and leverage collective intelligence to address complex industry challenges.

Who We Are

Mark S. Blanke

Chairman, The CIO Initiative
CEO, The Executive Initiative

Mark S. Blanke is a forward-thinking executive with over thirty-five years of experience, deeply involved in shaping the future of IT, leadership, and innovation. Through his leadership roles and as a speaker and contributing author, Mark actively influences the IT landscape, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration among C-level executives. His career is marked by strategic roles advising CIOs across various industries, including insurance, financial services, and healthcare. As the President of Blanke Advisors LLC, Mark continues to shape the future of IT service management and IT Governance.

Mark, the visionary behind The Executive Initiative, has expanded his leadership influence by integrating the CIO Initiative and introducing the CISO Initiative Summits under this comprehensive platform. Since 2017, Mark has been at the forefront of the CIO Initiative, leading summits that have become essential for IT leadership dialogue and development. The Executive Initiative serves as a broader umbrella, enhancing collaborative opportunities for C-level executives to navigate and influence the future of IT, leadership, and innovation across industries.