The overall mission of The CIO Initiative is to produce a forum that coordinates CIO-related research and activities, to serve as the integration mechanism for the CIO-related work of other committees, and to provide advice and recommendations on CIO matters.

Who We Are

Mark S. Blanke

Chairman, The CIO Initiative

Mark is an experienced executive who writes and speaks about top-of-mind CIO issues based on his in-depth and ongoing conversations with senior technology executives. His interactive and proactive listening style includes collaborative problem solving and an approach that allows a true understanding of issues and problems at hand.

Mark also is a relationship builder that assists associations and organizations in connecting with subject matter experts, designing workshops, creating CIO agenda topics for educational conferences.

Mark’s goal is to promote a better understanding of how technology leaders, teams and organizations think and become more effective so they can get better individual and business results. His passion for driving better CIO engagement with the business has helped technology leaders to think bigger and do more than they ever imagined.