As part of our commitment to nurturing a collaborative environment dedicated to advancing IT leadership and innovation, we have established specific terms to ensure clear understanding and mutual respect among all contributors. These conditions support our collective mission to foster leadership development, share groundbreaking solutions, and establish best practices within the IT industry. Your agreement to participate reflects a common goal of enriching our professional community without the expectation of financial compensation.

Submission Terms: By submitting an abstract, speakers agree to allow the CIO Initiative Summit to use their presentation in various formats and platforms, including but not limited to the event website, promotional materials, audio, and video recordings.

Abstract Review: The CIO Initiative Summit team exercises sole discretion over abstract reviews, with an ongoing selection process. Decisions will be communicated via the specified email to ensure clarity and transparency.

Speaker Representation: Speakers warrant that their presentation is original, free from plagiarism, and does not constitute a vendor-specific pitch or sales presentation. The content should be aimed at enriching the IT leadership conversation, offering valuable insights and strategies to attendees.

Attendance Rules: Associates of speakers, such as colleagues or public relations representatives, must be officially registered attendees to gain access to the speaker’s session or any part of the event.

Schedule Flexibility: Speakers acknowledge that the CIO Initiative Summit may adjust scheduled speaking times as necessary. Speakers should be prepared to present at any assigned time during the event to accommodate the dynamic nature of the summit schedule.

Right to Rescind: The CIO Initiative Summit reserves the right to withdraw an accepted submission at any point without the need for an explanation, ensuring the integrity and quality of the event’s content.

Presentation Template Requirement: To maintain a consistent and professional aesthetic throughout the summit, speakers are required to utilize the CIO Initiative Summit’s specific presentation templates for their sessions.

Ownership of Presentations: All presentations delivered at the summit will become the property of The CIO Initiative Summit, unless otherwise specified by a confidentiality agreement. This condition ensures that the material can be utilized for educational purposes and to further the summit’s objectives.

Feedback and Evaluation: Speakers consent to the collection and application of attendee feedback regarding their session for quality improvement purposes. This feedback may inform future event planning and enhance the overall participant experience. It is understood that this feedback is for internal use, and any public disclosure of session evaluations will be anonymized unless explicit consent for disclosure is provided by the speaker.

No Compensation for Speakers: Speakers acknowledge that they will not receive financial compensation for their participation in the summit. The CIO Initiative Summit is founded upon the principle of community collaboration, aiming to collectively enhance leadership skills, share innovative solutions, and establish best practices within the IT leadership field. Contributions are made based on a shared commitment to advancing the profession and supporting the growth of peers without an expectation of payment.